Frederick McDonald’s first commission at the age of 12 came during a haircut at the Barber Shop/Gallery of the barber/artist “Mr. Greco” in Wappinger’s Falls, New York. Mr. Greco a painter and sculptor handed him a bag of gray wet clay after he wandered around looking at his artwork displayed in the shop and told him he would display Frederick’s sculpture with his in the shop if he could create a sculpture out of the clay. Frederick was in awe and so began his artistic adventure.

Years later as a teenager he began taking black and white photographs while wandering the streets of the Bronx, Bowery, and Harlem in New York City. Photography led to admission to the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Too little money to study in the photography program, Frederick spent his years in the model drawing and sculpture studios.

Traveling the world as a freelance magazine, newspaper, stock, and advertising photographer led to a sizable library of images, offered in the website photography section. Sculpture and drawings also began to collect in original and “Giclee” edition prints produced by ARTFINITY in Sarasota, Florida. The “Giclee” prints in the website library are signed, numbered edition, museum, and archival quality prints.

Today “MindTrouble Studio” is located in Port Charlotte, Florida. Frederick currently has in production figurative sculptures and drawings that explore a range of human emotions, energy, and relationships, that comprise the human condition.

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